Shopping in ANTEQUERA

Shopping in Antequera is great fun. Not least, because the historic ambience of this small city is all around you, whilst strolling the streets.

All shopping needs can be met here.

There are numerous supermarkets for food shopping (see below), most with free parking.

The La Veronica shopping centre at the northern end of town is good for clothes, shoes, optical, mobile phones, and contains the large  Carrefour supermarket. Exterior parking here is plentiful. An escalator connects two levels for shopping, with cafes on both.

Yet there are also a lot of shops to choose from centrally in Antequera.

Food Shopping in ANTEQUERA

Antequera has an abundance of places for food shopping.

Supermarkets (supermacados); fruit and veg shops (the brand fru y ver has several outlets, with cheap short sell by date produce); cake, pastry and bread shops (pastelerias y panaderias).

Also, dotted about away from the main streets are the mini-markets, usually family run. These are sometimes open on Sunday mornings.

Supermarkets in ANTEQUERA

Supermarkets are well stocked with a good array of produce. Shopping in them can be a pleasure.

Prices are good too!

Nearly all of them have fresh meat and fish counters. You take a ticket and queue when busy.

There is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.

A delightful array of sausages, hams, cheeses, fresh pizzas.

Large freezers contain seafood, fish, meat, veg, processed foods, ice creams and cakes.

Some have a bakery on sight, for gorgeous fresh breads and croissants.

All types of alcohol are sold.

Toiletries and household cleaning products can be economically bought here.

Opening hours

Opening hours are usually 09:00 – 21:00. Monday to Saturday.

This will vary slightly by store. Lidl, for example stays open until 22:00, at time of writing.

Most supermarkets are closed on Sundays, and local or national holidays. However, Carrefour has just introduced Sunday opening hours from 10:00 – 13:00.

Supermarket Brands in ANTEQUERA

There are ten supermarkets in Antequera.

The supermarket brands that are represented here in Antequera are: Mercadona, Carrefour, Lidl, Aldi, Maskom, Dia and Dani.

Mercadona is the main supermarket chain in Andalusia. There are three large stores in Antequera. (The industrial and retail estate – poligono – on the eastern outskirt of Antequera, is the base for a Mercadona distribution hub, serving Andalusia. You will pass this if driving into Antequera from Malaga or Granada).

1) Mercadona (Avenida Frederico Garcia Lorca).
Free parking underneath the store. Hand your car park ticket to the cashier when paying and you will be given a special ticket for the payment machine at the car park.

2) Mercadona (Calle Calzada 26).
Free parking in Carpark Antequera Centro, Calle Diego Ponce. Once again hand your parking ticket to the cashier.

It has it’s own bakery.

There is a taxi rank directly opposite the main entrance, on the Calle Calzada side. If on foot, this is useful to get back home with heavy bags.

3) Mercadona (Avenida Estacion).
Free parking underneath the store. Hand your parking ticket to the cashier.

4) Carrefour (La Veronica center, carretera de Sevilla Nacional 343.)
The largest supermarket in Antequera. Plentiful free parking.

In addition to the large food and household goods sections, it has an electrical section selling fridge freezers, washing machines, coffee machines, and much more, down to light bulbs.

It also offers an extensive clothing section, which is budget priced.

The wine section is the most in-depth in Antequera.

5) Lidl (Cuesta de Talavera).
Cuesta de Talavera (up the road from Carrefour, and opposite Mercadona Avenida Fredericao Garcia Lorca).

Free car park.

It has probably the best bakery of all the supermarkets, with the exception of Maskom (see further on).

A good wine section.

No fresh meat or fish counter. Fresh meats, poultry, and fish are pre-wrapped in chilled cabinets.

It has a superior display of frozen seafood options compared to other supermarkets.

6) Aldi (Ctra. De Cordoba, 6.)
This Aldi does not live up to the reputation that the Aldi brand enjoys.

It has a nice fruit and vegetables display.

There is no fresh meat or fish counter. As in Lidl, fresh meats and poultry are pre-wrapped.

There is not much fresh fish available.

If you live locally, it is a convenient shop.

7) Maskom (Calle Don Fernando, 47.)
There is free parking in Calle Santisima Trinidad, behind the store.

As you enter Maskom from Calle Don Fernando, you pass through a good bakery and coffee shop area. Lovely smells.

There is a small fresh fish counter, and a large fresh meat counter.

Aside from the central fresh fruit and vegetables array, it has a small chilled cabinet area for other vegetables and herbs. You can sometimes get products here not available elsewhere, such as fennel, lemon grass, fresh ginger etc.

Test for freshness though, before buying.

The wine section is very good. It is not as large as Carrefour, (it does not have the square footage), but it stocks some interesting wines not available elsewhere, as well as the mainstream wines.

8) Dia (Plaza San Francisco.)
Parking is in the Carpark Antequero Centro.

Prices tend to be good in Dia stores, though it depends on the day for variety and freshness of vegetables etc.

There is no fresh meat or fish counter.

It is good for a ‘budget’ shop.

The wine section is limited.

9) Dia Maxi (Calle Granada, 3.)
Just on the outskirts of Antequera, opposite the Dolmens tombs heritage centre.

A much larger version of the Dia in central Antequera, with the same characteristics.

Again, prices can be good.

Plenty of free parking.

10) Dani (Avenida de la Legion, 9)
Dani’s is renowned for great value, fresh produce.

The large fresh fruit and vegetable counter is terrific. It is stacked high, at nowhere else prices. The counter is well staffed, but you will have to queue, due to the volume of purchasers who often buy in bulk. Grab a ticket.

It has an excellent fresh meat counter. This is likewise well staffed, but again you have to queue. A ticket system once again.
Antequeranos love this store. You will see them queuing outside before opening times, trying to beat the queues that will quickly form inside!

Parking is on the street. If you can find a slot on the manned parking opposite, it is cheap. At time of writing the cost is 90 cents for an hour.

Mercado Municipal (Municipal Market)

Plaza San Francisco.

Most towns and cities have their municipal market. It is a forum for small independent businesses to market their product.They rent their stall area. Supply and demand is down to them.

The Antequera municipal market is an indoor market. It is small, but contains several colourful fresh fruit & vegetable stalls, fresh meat butchers, excellent fish counters, a herb stall, and a bar.

Shopping here is a pleasure.

Some of the fish and seafood has been freshly caught in Malaga, and purchased in the early hours of the morning, for sale in Antequera at market opening time.

We have enjoyed poultry from here that is more flavourful than what is generally on offer in the supermarkets. You do pay a price premium though.

Opening Hours: 09.30 – 14.30 Monday – Friday.

Parking is at Carpark Antequera Centro

The Tuesday Outdoor Market

Situated above the bullring.

This is a worthwhile visit. Opens from around 09.00 – 14.00.

All the coastal resorts have market days, classically on Saturday or Sunday.

The difference between these markets and the Antequera market, is that the former logically cater for the tourist trade. Goods there tend to ‘branded’ clothing and handbags, handmade jewellery, and items for presents to take home. Prices are naturally inflated, for negotiation. We have enjoyed these colourful markets many times.

Our Antequera market is focussed on the local population primarily. Tourists here come second.

As referred to before, it offers a complete cross section of goods.

Clothing takes up probably the largest area of the market. You will find stalls offering: male/female t – shirts and shorts only; great value underwear stalls; well priced shoes and trainers; jeans and chinos; shirts for men; summer tops and dresses for women.

There are at least two large stalls selling fabrics for home-making of curtains, table cloths, bedding covers, or window netting.

It is also has several good, broad stalls for fruit and vegetables, as well as smaller areas for spices, and olive varieties.

Prices are good, and you will not be harassed by market traders touting their wares.

It is best to leave the car at home, as the available parking areas are sought after. If you need the car to transport your shopping, get there early!

So, shopping in Antequera can be a pleasure, not a chore.



All the Spanish banks are represented here for easy ATM withdrawals.

Most of them are on Calle Don Infante and Calle Alameda.

Shopping for Gifts in ANTEQUERA

For gifts, David Moran on Calle Duranes is a good choice. It offers quality leather goods, clothing, jewellery and other items.

At the lower price end there are numerous large bazaar style stores throughout Antequera. These are Chinese or Moroccan owned. They all have very extensive ranges of goods, with rows of product on display. Prices are cheap. You can get some good value and interesting gifts here.

Shoe Shopping in ANTEQUERA

Aside from the La Veronica shopping centre, Calle Duranes is the main area for shoes. (Click here for directions)

Calle Comedias has two good value shops, near the top of this short hill. (Click here for directions)

Clothes Shopping in ANTEQUERA

There are clothes shops throughout Antequera for all age groups. 

Price offers are common.

Benetton (for kids) is on Calle Don Infante (click here for directions), and Mango on Calle Comedias. (Click here for directions)