Traditional Dishes of ANTEQUERA

A classic Antequeran staple is porra. It is based on a tomato cold soup called gaspacho, which is commonly served in the summer. The ingredients of gaspacho are: tomato, garlic, peppers, onion, water.

To make porra, breadcrumbs (plus sometimes cream) are added and whisked to form a puree (the porra).

It is then topped with fragments of ham and chopped boiled egg for serving.

Porra is usually eaten with bread, to scoop it, or with just a spoon.

Served either as a tapa, or a starter.


The mollete also originated in Antequera. It is a soft, spongey bread, made with olive oil.

It is usually presented in an oval bun shape.

The mollete is eaten as a breakfast or morning snack, with various types of filling such as tomato paste, paté, ham, cheese, or just olive oil trickled on.

Whether toasted (tostado), or plain (natural), it is delicious.


Another Antequeran local dish is a dessert cake called bienmesabe.

It comes in various forms, but classically contains apple, cinamon, sugar, and icing sugar dusted over the cake. Sometimes eggs or cream are whisked into the mix. It is sweet and delightful.

Not for weightwatchers!

ANTEQUERA notes of interest:

The mollete is distributed within and outside Andalusia from Antequera. It is now a breakfast or snacking favourite well beyond the Antequera region.

Porra is widely enjoyed in restaurants and bars throughout Spain. Its origin in Antequera is sometimes referred to on menus.

Bienmesabe has come to be a dessert offered in many restaurants on the coast. It can also be purchased in supermarkets and cake/pastry shops (pastellerias).

However, probably the highest quality bienmesabe can still only be bought in Antequera.

Uniquely in Antequera, it can be bought from the convent next to the Covento de Belen, adjacent to Plaza Santiago. You purchase it through a hatchway in the entrance from the nuns who prepare it. A treat to remember!

Opening and serving hours are displayed.

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